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soon. i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. president obama making his first comments on the potential terror threat telling tonight show's jay leno how severe these threats really are. >> it's significant enough we are taking every precaution. we had already done a lot to bolster security around the world but especially the middle east and north africa where the threat is the highest. whenever we see a threat that is specific enough that we can take specific precautions within a certain time frame than we do so. >> the president says americans planning to travel abroad should not over react but should make smart decisions. >> the general rule is just show common sense. if people are paying attention checking with the state
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department find out what kind of precautions you should be taking i think it makes sense for people to take vacations. >> this morning we are learning who may be behind the plot this man who runs perhaps the most dangerous branch of al qaeda. >> they fear he might get help from a large number of prisoners who may escaped prison in 19 weeks. 19 diplomatic pass illities in 16 companies remain temporarily closed. >> it has taken 11 months but the justice department filed criminal charges against several suspects in the september 11, 2012, benghazi terror attack. peter duessy is live with all of the details. finding out who killed four americans in benghazi, libya almost a year ago has been and remains a top priority according to the justice department. that is all they will say on the
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record about the criminal charges against multiple suspects now in that attack. one of the men charged with ahmed abu atal law who is the founder offal shirea in libya and was seen at the compound on the night of the assault. now that charges have been filed law americas wonder why we aren't doing more to arrest these people. house over site committee darrel issa says osama bin laden had been charged but was not apprehended. delays in apprehending the benghazi killers will only put american lives at further risk. meanwhile president obama is saying his decision to shut 22 embassies and conflicts around the world this week is not an over reaction because of what happened in benghazi. that is instead rooted in the real life threat to americans
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abroad. >> one thing i have tried to do as president is not over react but make sure that as much possible the american people understand there are general risks ever p out there. one thing we have seen over the last few years is how resilient we are. >> why did it take yesterday to file the charges against the suspects. >> peter doocy live. >> a massive manhunt underway this morning for suspected killer who may have abducted two children. it happened in san diego. anna kooiman is here with us live with the latest. >> good morning heather, good morning to everyone at home. his name is james dimaggio. police say he is suspected of murdering a woman and kidnapping one or both of her children. at this hour an amber alert
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remains in effect for 16-year-old anna and 8-year-old anderson. their father pleading for their safe return. >> i chanted el what you were thinking, the damage is done. i am begging you to let my daughter go. you have taken everything else. hannah, we all love you very much rngs and much, and if you have a chance you take it, you run. you will be found. >> hard to listen to. police found the body of the children's mother tina anderson in the dimaggio's they believe dimaggio killed her before setting her house on fire. the remains of a child also found in the rubble. >> we don't know who that is that is found in the rubble. it is a possibility that it is ethan it is a possibility it is another child we haven't identified yesterday. right now we just don't know. we are praying that it wasn't
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ethan that he will be returned safely to the family. >> keep your eyes open dimaggio last seen driving a nissan with california license plate 6 wcu 986. police say he is headed to texas or canada. any one with information is being urged to call police. thank you anna. around 7:30 this morning eastern time the house of horrors where ariel castro held three girls for more than a decade is being demoli demolished. google is already wiping it off the map. it has been blurred out on google street view. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole lus 1,000 years. >> federal agents uncovering a disturbing plot by mexican drug cartels to expand their network in the united states.
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they are teaming up with a mexican mafia prison gang. prosecutors say that it is just plain skrier. >> they are creating a superhighway to violence, money and drugs. >> 13 people have been indicted 8 are behind bars. officials say 600 pounds of methwere ceased during the investigation. 6 of the defendants were charged in state court. >> the fort hood shooting trial gets underway this morning. major nadal hasan admitted to being the gunman that killed several soldiers. he spoke for only a few minutes. 12 witnesses took the stand. one was shot in the massacre. hasan choose not to ask him any questions. in the opening statement the prosecution painted the chilling
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picture of how the 42-year-old army psychiatrist wearing his military uniform yelled allah akbar before killing soldiers. >> a man accused of killing three people in a shooting rampage at a pennsylvania town meeting. according to an affidavit rock knee newly told police he wished he killed more of them. he used a rifle to blast through a wall walked into a meeting and shot a town supervisor and residents. he left to grab another weapon from his car. that's when think tackled him. >> i did what needed to be done. i helped them. you don't get the opportunity or the time to be scared. you work on instinct. >> the township zoning officer david fleet wood and two
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residents. federal prosecutors say miami lakes mayor and sweetwater mayor were involved in a kickback and bribery scheme. they were both charged with c conspira conspiracy. to commit extortion. they juhis sentence trimmed 106 years to 909 years. a judge saying -- merging the convictions is how it happened. the ruling a victory for the defense who argued for a 80 year maximum. they sti manning could be spending most of his life behind bars. >> hurricane henriette still churning in the pacific ocean. >> it may not be a hurricane by the time it hits land.
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that is the good news. maria molina is tracking the storm. >> good morning. we do not think it will be a hurricane in parts of the pacific ocean for much longer. we have much cooler water out here across parts of the pacific ocean and winds are strong they helped form the hurricane. rate now it is a pretty strong system. we have 85 mile an hour winds. we should be looking at stronger wind gusts than that. by friday evening we think it will be a tropical storm. by this weekend on sunday we do think it will be an area of low pressure just a depression. we forecasted to the south of hawaii so you may be seeing dry or be looking at relatively pleasant conditions across the area. that storm is expected to stay south. otherwise across the lower 48 we have showers and storms forecast across the center of the country
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up into the parts of the great lakes. today we will see showers and storms into the northeast. this area of unsettled weather will be standing. little below average for us. we see the clouds coming on in. >> thank you. >> thanks, maria. >> bank of america can bank on being sued by the government for that and all of the other top business stories. jolene kent. >> bank of america has been hit with twin lawsuits in federal courts. the department of justice and fcc both allege the banging giant defrauded investors with the sale of $150 million with mortgage badged security in 1988. they did not bother saying the
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risk for sellitelling investor s the potential risk. securities indicate the housing market collapsed which they say was not the fault of the bank. >> new more comfortable seats will mean more room for the first class cabin. they will have seats that lie flat and bigger tv's. hoping to attract more business travelers. they offer the most leg room in any airlines and no bag fees it will still have more leg room. the difference will be less or on par with their competitors. >> speaking of money tonight could be your big night to strike it rich. the power ball jackpot is $425 million the third largest ever. $490.01 back in may. but it still has millions of ticket sales in 43 states. it comes down to a drawing 11:00 eastern tonight. the winner if there is one will take home a lump sum of cool
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$244.7 million. >> joel -- jo lyn, thank you. president george w. bush waking up in a hospital this morning after under going heart surgery. the latest on his condition. and whether you could also be at risk. >> is this t-shirt sexist? it is sparking so much controversy the store is now pulling it from shelves. so... [ gasps ]
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in the news sgoerg w. bush expected to be released from the hospital lart today. he under went a procedure to have a stint inserted after a blockage was found in an art re. >> this is what a normal blood vessel looks like. >> dr. carol east is a cardiologist. she is not treating former president george w. bush but knows a lot about the procedure he had at texas presbyterian hospital in dallas. >> think of a chain link fence. >> mr. bush had a stint put in to open a blocked artery that was discovered during a routine exam at the cooper clinic. this is a picture of him at the north dallas clinic. finding a blockage during a stress test is ideal because the doctor can immediately put in a stint and prevent a heart
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attack. >> blow up the balloon. it expands that stint to where it pushes all of the blockage bag to the outside of the artery. gives us a nice channel for flood to flow through. >> this is video of him as he hosted the warrior 100 k. he didn't seem to have the most common risk factors for heart disease. >> high cholesterol diabetes and tobacco abuse. she believes the two terms as president probably put a lot of stress on him. >> he had a high stress job. it's high stress. >> jenna bush tweeted thank you for your prayers for my dear dad. he is well and we are eager for him to return to grandpa duty. a picture of him with his grand baby accompanied the treat.
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>> we are getting our first look at the man accused of employing into a packed boardwalk in california. 38-year-old nathan campbell appeared in court monday. they issued a not guilty plea and said it was an accident. >> i don't believe he intentionally tried to hit anybody? >> based on what he told you? >> based on my cursor relooks at the facts and my discussion with the da. >> a woman on her honeymoon was killed 16 others injured. >> he could face life in prison. >> terror lawyer lynn stewart will stay behind bars for now. the government telling the federal judge he does not have the authority to release stewart from prison. the 7 # 3-year-old asked for early release because she had cancer. she let her client convicted terrorist communicate with her followers. he is serve ago life sentence
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for plotting to blow up land marks. a massive fire raging in kenyan's main airport. the airport has been closed so emergency teams can battle the blaze. witnesses report seeing smoke from miles away. reporters at the scene, they say that the fire destroyed the arrivaled area. >> the time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up next for you on the rundown usher's son almost drowns in a pool accident. >> my nephew was in the pool and he went. i couldn't get him. >> this could happen to any child. the danger at the bottom of every pool. >> the store pulling the t-shirts off the shelves because it sinends the wrong message to women. what do you think? e-mail or tweet us your response.
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>> the son of usher nearly drowning. his aunt made this frantic 911 call. >> i have my nephew was in the pool and he went, i couldn't get him. i couldn't get him. i tried to get him. they got him out now they are doing cpr on him. >> the drama began when the little boy ended up at the bottom of the pool and became stuck in the drain. he was trying to get his toy
2:24 am
that's when two men working at the house came to the rescue. they dove in, freed the child and pulled him out. >> one of them gave the boy cpr and he was breathing by the time paramedics arrived. usher was not home at the time but his ex-wife seems to be holding him responsible anyway. she is seeking custody. >> he killed three family members but this isn't stopping this man from teaching at an illinois university. they are standing by psychology professor james saint jameses despite revelation he shot and killed his mother, his father and sister back in 1967. he was 16 years old at the time. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. school officials are surprised his past but they still mrab on him teaching this fall.
2:25 am
>> move over judge judy. the man who got tanks during the casey anthony trial wants his own show. he has partnered with judge perry for the show and they have already shot a pilot. the spokesperson says the judge is exploring all options including television. >> the children he's clot's clo company coming under fire for this t-shirt. some say it is sexist against the girls. >> it has the heading my best subject shopping music and dancing are all checked. matt is not checked. parents are criticizing saying it sends the wrong message. >> the temperature hcompany has shirt saying we take feedback from our customers seriously. we pulled the shirt and want to apologize for any one it may have offended. >> this is the question of the
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day do you think the t-shirt was sexist or offensive. you can tweet that to us at fox friends first or e-mail at coming up a massive manhunt is underway at this hour. police searching for these two children who they say may have been kidnaped by the same man suspected of killing their mother in a fire. >> could obama care be exposing your service to attackers and identity thieves? the frightening results of the report. >> first on this day in history in 1782 washington created the purple heart. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is.
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>> it is august 7th. we begin with a fox news alert. because this morning there are new fears that escaped prisoners all around the world are helping this al qaeda leader carry out an attack on america this as president obama addresses a threat for the first time on late night tv telling americans to stay calm. >> a massive manhunt underway right now for these two missing children. police fear they have been kidnapped by the same man suspected of killing their
2:31 am
mother. the latest on the search next. >> there are 425 reasons why you will want to stop and buy your power baltic et -- power ball ticket on your way to work. >> fox and friends first starts right now. >> the next best thing to a permanent vacation starting your morning with fox and friends first. it is wednesday august 7th. thank you so much for joining us. i am heather childers. >> and i am patti ann browne. it is 31 minutes after the hour. a massive manhunt continuing this morning. police looking for a suspected killer who may have abducted two children in san diego. anna kooiman has the store wree. >> we want everybody at home to
2:32 am
take a good look at the man james dimaggio. police say he is suspected of murdering a woman and kidnapping one or both of her children. an amber alert remains in effect nor 16-year-old hannah and 8-year-old ethan anderson. hundreds prayed for the missing children their father pleading for their safe return. >> jim, i can't fathom what you were thinking. the damage is done. i am begging you to let my daughter go. you have taken everything else. hannah, we all love you very much. if auf wiederseh you have a chance you take it. you run, you will be found. >> they found the body of the father sunday night. they believe he killed her before setting his house on fire. the remains of a child also found in the rubble. >> we don't know who that is
2:33 am
that was found in the rubble. it is a possible that it is ethan. it is a possibility it is another child we haven't identified yet or don't realize is missing yet. right now we don't know and we are praying that it wasn't ethan. >> keep your eyes open he was last seen driving a blue nissan with california license plate reading 6 wcu 986. authorities think he is heading to either texas or canada. anybody with information is being urged to call police immediately. >> anna kooiman, thank you so much. >> another fox news alert. it has taken nearly 11 months but the justice department has finally filed criminal charges against several suspects in the september 11th, 2012, benghazi terror attack. in may the fbi released images of 3 suspects wanted for questioning. it is not clear whether they are the ones who have now been
2:34 am
charged. we do know it is libyan leader. while they would not comment about the case they released a statement saying quote the department's investigation is ongoing has been and remains a top priority. we have no further comments at the time. four americans were killed in those attacks. >> an accused terrorist is changing his tune. federal prosecutors say mohammed abdul rock man ab har was raised back in 2010 accused of plotting violent attacks against the u.s. he was set to stand trial later this month but changed his plea during his pretrial conference. he will be sentenced later this year. another developing story we have been following. president obama talking about the al qaeda terror threats for the first time. he did it on late night tv. this as we learn more about the
2:35 am
plot. doug luzader has that story from washington. >> we are learning about another possible drone strike in yemen overnight that would be the second in two-days. the administration arguing the threat is very real but also making a distinction between an evacuation and what they are calling an orderly departure. the airport in yemen serving as a departure point for the u.s. personnel who has been ordered by the state department to leave the country. other u.s. diplomatic facilities in that part of the world has been closed but nowhere is the conce concern greater than in yemen. he taped a segment on "the tonight show" saying the closures were prudent given the intelligence. >> whenever we see a threat stream that we think is specific enough that we can take some specific precautions within a certain time frame than we do
2:36 am
so. >> in a state department briefing a spokesperson openly laughed saying the embassy in yemen wasn't actually evacuated. >> i think you are looking up in the dictionary i am talking about -- >> what if you are told you have to leave and a plane is flown in and you are forced to get on and leave. >> whatever you call it the move angered yemen's government a week after he met with president obama in the oval office. president obama at the time suggesting that al qaeda had been weakened. >> doug luzader live in washington. thank you. brand new revelations about boston bombing suspects. tamerlan and sar nef befriended a brain damaged u.s. government conspiracy theorist in the months before the attacks. his client discussed theories
2:37 am
including that the 911 terror attacks and the new town school shooting didn't happen or the government was hand them. >> new details on even more obama care delays. the federal government is months behind testing on-line healthcare data security. a report released by the inspector general says the centers for services has been on ju early june. it has been pushed back to either this week or next. the delay has many wondering whether the government will secure user information. >> dustin hoffman had a cancer scare but was successfully treated. a rep for the oscar winning actor says he is in good health after being surgeically cured. in an attempt to minimize recurrence he will receive preventative treatments recommended by a doctor. >> the 75-year-old plans to
2:38 am
continue working. he is said to be filming a new movie in the fall. >> a missouri woman says she almost died after a style list used a toxic chemical mistakenly to dye her hair. in the lawsuit the 40-year-old claims the woman persuaded her to add color to her gray hair but within days she developed severe blisters. the pain got so bad and went to the hospital. on the way there she reportedly suffered a heart attack and was put on life support for 8 days. for the first time we are getting a look at some of the dye mondz stol-- diamonds stole during a brazen heist. the jewels add up to $136 million. among them a huge heart shaped diamond pendant, two diamond encrusted rings and art deco style emerald and diamond necklace and a reward is being
2:39 am
offered. $1.3 million reward offered. the hurricane still churning as it heads toward the united states. >> it may weaken by the time it hits land hopefully. >> maria has details on that. >> we are expecting the storm system to weaken. good news. we have cooler water out here helping the hurricanes stay strong or get their strength from the warmer water. they are not going to have the sup f supply of fuel from the ocean. we have strong winds in the area that is helping to tear apart the storm system. still hurricane maximum sustained winds it is moving toward the west, northwest at 10 miles an hour. eventually by friday into the weekend it is forecast to become a tropical storm and weakened into an area of low pressure. we are still several days out here so we need to keep a close watch on henriette.
2:40 am
we have been picking up a lot of heavy rain out here. we have been talking about flooding and showers and storms in the forecast. damaging winds and large hail also possible. sections will be dealing with some of this unsettled weather and across parts of the i 95 corridor in the northeast cities like new york city philadelphia you will be dealing with showers and storms especially later on in the day. temperature wise 86 for a high in chicago. relatively warm day. 74 in new york city the average. parts of arkansas and louisiana dealing with hot temperatures again. not the actual temperatures but the humidity will be a problem. some of the heat index values can make it up to 110 degrees. so we have heat advisories. >> be careful. >> be careful drink a lot of water, air-conditioning and check on your neighbors. the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. forget about your e-mails and cell phone.
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>> for the first time we are hearing the 911 calls after it went horribly wrong in california. police released this call who lost his leg. >> my husband's legs have been blown off. >> where are you at in the parking lot?
2:45 am
>> your husbands legs have been injured? >> tell me exactly what happened? >> both of his legs are gone. >> both of his legs are gone. are both of his legs gone? >> yes. they are barely hanging on. >> hundreds of people had packed a park to watch the implosion. they were behind the 1,000 foot barrier but shrapnel and debris cut through the fence and flew into the crowd. >> several other people were also injured but not as seriously. >> this picture causing quite the stir in one washington community. it was taken by the owner of a bakery. she says she snapped the photo posted it on facebook to call out the customer who's children left behind a mess. >> the first sarcastic thing i said was i would like to thank our customers with small children for not making a mess. if i wanted to humiliate them i
2:46 am
would have taken a picture of them. >> the children's mother said she was appalled the owner would try to embarrass her family. the owner has since apologized. >> a wisconsin daredevil escaped from a coffin at 14,500 feet in the air. anthony martin managed to free himself of shackles and the coffin tuesday while plummeting through the sky making it his second attempt at the stunt. >> i watched the box. i was hop tized watching the box fall behind me. >> the coffin steadyed by two other sky divers whipped from side to side in mid air with martin inside. everyone involved landed safely. stay tuned because we will have the daredevil himself anthony martin joining us at 8:30 this morning. >> is your tv watching you? it could be.
2:47 am
here now to explain diane macedo. >> good morning patti ann. you might not be concerned about the nsa tracking your phone calls or e-mails but what if they were watching you when you are on your pj's on your couch. the i tech partners unveiled they found vulnerabilities in samsung smart tv's that allowed them to turn on the video's camera without their knowledge. hackers used programs called remote administration tools which can turn it on remotely if it is engaged in a chat session or looking at a web page on the television for example. companies behind the video chat software can and have been forced to cooperate with the government loopholes like the ones uncovered last week could allow the government to spy on you even if you don't use the internet feature. the good news is samsung has reported closed the loopholes in the newer models they have a
2:48 am
camera that can be flipped up to the creeling. for others you might want to find a way to block its view to be on the safe side. >> diane macedo, fox news, thanks. >> 45 minutes after the top of the hour the daring rescue of 6 sisters swept away in a kansas river. >> are you feeling lucky? there are 425 million reasons to buy a power baltic et this morning. >> let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> yes there are. here's my ticket right here. >> good luck. >> you bought one already? where is ours? >> where is the money? >> this is not a charity ladies. hello. >> fox and friends kicks off about 12 minutes from now. are you normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow is here. usher's son nearly drowned. what you need to know about the hidden dangers of swimming pools
2:49 am
and how to protect your kids. it's really important. >> and 2013 miss america mallory hagan is here handing out special frozen treats on our plaza in you are hungry. our game show week continues. we find out if you are in it to win it with the george hamilton. we kick it off in about 10 minutes. see you then. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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>> welcome back. about ten minutes i till the top of the hour. >> the daring rescue of two sisters swept away in a kansas river. >> we got her out of the water. >> this is video from a police officer's badge camera. his partner jumping into the rushing water to save the girl.
2:53 am
a 17-year-old jumped in to try to save her 9-year-old sister and then realized she was in trouble as well. she managed to get to shore and call for help. that's when police arrived. fortunately neither sister was hurt. >> a woman lived to 120. for most people the answer is no. a new sursraeuf finds -- a new survey find most people don't want to live that long even if there is something to slow the analling process. what is the ideal life span? most americans say about 90 years old. >> $425 million, that is the pot for tonight's powerball drawing. it is the second time the jackpot reached $400 million in the last few months. florida resident gloria mackenzie won the jackpot in may, the largest jackpot in history. >> time to look at the
2:54 am
good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. people outside of a washington state bank saving the day. they noticed a man fleeing a wells fargo bank with a basket of cash. they tackled him before ebbed get away -- before he could get away and held him till cops arrived. >> an american tourist accidentally broke the stinger from a priceless 14th century statue at a museum in italy. people at the museum say they are sure the statue can eventually be restored. finally the ugly, a brooklyn, new york, ice cream truck driver busted for giving more than extra sprinkles to customers. police surveillance show him trading drug for cash with an undercover police officer. >> coming up next on the rundown, president bush waking up in the hospital this morning. new details on his condition that you need to
2:55 am
know before you leave the house. >> is this teacher sexist? that is what some people are saying. we'll have your e-mails and tweets next. ♪ ♪ a-a-a. ♪
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[ female announcer ] today, talk to your doctor a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. >> there is the sun starting to come up now over new york city. it is a about a minute and a half until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here is what's happening. president george w. bush
2:59 am
expected to leave the hospital today. he had a stint inserted in his heart. day two of the fort hood terror trial continues today. nidal hasan is representing himself. yesterday he admitted to being the gunman who killed 13 people. in an hour and a half ariel castro's house will be demonthly is where he held te women captive for over ten years and pleaded guilty to hundreds of related charges. >> time for your brew on responses. earlier in the show we asked you if you found this children's place t-shirt offensive. the children's place khroe continuing company coming under fire because some say it is sexist. >> shopping, music and dancing are checked under my best subjects. math is not checked. jason says offensive? no. sending a bad message? possibly. i wouldn't buy it for my daughter. >> todd wrote it is not.
3:00 am
whatever happened to humor in this country? if you let a t-shirt define you, you have issues. >> stacy said if anyone is offended by this message, they are looking hard to be offended. have a great day, folks. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >>gretchen: good morning. hope you're going to have a great wednesday. it is august 7. i'm gretchen carlson. while u.s. embassies around the world remain on high alert the president is using late tv to talk about national security and other tough issues. is that the right venue? we're going to report and you can decide. >>steve: president george w. bush recovering after having a stint put in his heart. what is next for the mountain bike riding former president of the united states? >> the clean-cut manning brothers trade in their helmets for some 1980's

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